A collection of general purpose NixOS packages that cannot be upstreamed to nixpkgs.
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custom-nixpkgs No Maintenance Intended Built with Garnix

[!NOTE] The packages from this repository have been moved over to my dotfiles: https://github.com/msfjarvis/dotfiles/tree/main/packages This repository will not receive any updates going forward.

NixOS packages for personal use.

Included packages

  • adb-sync : Fork of Google's adb-sync with bugfixes for busybox users and the pull times feature
  • adbtuifm : TUI based file manager for ADB
  • adx : Rust tool to poll Google Maven for AndroidX packages and their latest versions
  • clipboard-substitutor : Rust CLI to listen to clipboard events and perform operations on the copied text
  • diffuse : Java tool to diff between APKs, AARs and JARs
  • file-collector : Simple CLI tool to watch directories and move their files to a single dumping ground
  • gdrive : Golang CLI to interact with Google Drive
  • gitice : Simple Rust CLI that snapshots the state of Git repositories to allow re-cloning in a separate location
  • gphotos-cdp : Use the Chrome DevTools Protocol to drive a Chrome session that downloads your photos stored in Google Photos.
  • hcctl: CLI to look up the status of checks on https://healthchecks.io
  • healthchecks-monitor: CLI tool to run commands and report its result to https://healthchecks.io
  • katbin : A CLI for katb.in
  • linkleaner : Telegram bot to fix social media link previews
  • monocraft-nerdfonts : A monospaced programming font inspired by the Minecraft typeface
  • patreon-dl : Download content from creators you're subscribed to on Patreon
  • pidcat : Fork of JakeWharton's pidcat with Python3 support and some other fixes
  • tea : Gitea CLI built from latest sources
  • twt : Multipurpose tool to extract metadata from a user's tweets
  • when : A CLI tool to deal with timezones